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About us

Dory Power is a technology company focusing on the design and manufacturing of advanced lithium ion battery power systems for energy storage and backup power supply.

Dory Power has developed an innovative line of smart battery generators for portable and uninterruptible power supply (UPS), based on the most advanced lithium iron phosphate battery technologies.

Since 2020, three models of potable battery generators have been offered by Dory Power:
• B-2700 Model: 2000 Watt Continuous Power, 4000 Watt Peak Power, 2688 Wh capacity, 2200 VA UPS
• B-5000 Model: 2500 Watt Continuous Power, 5000 Watt Peak Power, 5170 Wh capacity, 3000 VA UPS
• B-7000 Model: 3000 Watt Continuous Power, 6000 Watt Peak Power, 6960 Wh capacity, 3300 VA UPS

Dory Power is now producing the Sentry model:
• Sentry Model: 2500 Watt Continuous Power, 5200 Watt Peak Power, 2600 Wh capacity

The Dory Sentry is an exceptional battery generator developed by Dory's world-class engineering team - an upgraded version of B2700 model. Dory Sentry has unique AI-driven real-time sensing and control system for uninterruptible power supply. It also has novel embedded algorithms to maximize battery performance and minimize the risk of heat generation, thermal runaways and fire hazards.

The Dory-branded battery generators have been developed for fully automated backup power supply and featured with a number of competitive advantages including smartness (AI control), low noise (35~42 dB), cleanliness (emissions-free), exceptional safety (triple-layer protection), and long life (10+ year usage). They can be used for continuous operations of critical equipment including refrigerators, microwave ovens, furnaces, freezers, TVs, medical devices, computers, data servers, routers, lights, phones, etc., during power outages. One Dory Power battery generator can provide multiple days of electrical power for critical equipment. To increase your backup time, up to 3 battery generators can be connected in series, or unlimited in parallel.

In addition, Dory Power has designed and is developing stationary battery generators with 3-20 KW power output and 10-100 kWh storage capacity, as well as Large Battery Storage Systems with 1-20 MW power output and 10-100 MWh storage capacity.

Existing customers of Dory Power battery generators include:
• Hospitals & Clinics
• Medical & Testing Labs
• Stores & Restaurants
• Law Firms & Business Offices
• Residential Households
• Industrial R&D Facilities
• University Research Centers